A pathway in the heart of the Cavaglia Gorge

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Cavaglia Gorge

A new pathway crosses the Cavaglia Gorge, located at the south-eastern end of the Cavaglia plain and characterized by wonderful shapes caused by erosion. From it visitors can admire large cavities created by vortices, giants’ pots and steep rock caves.

The pathway descends into the gorge, allows the observation of the rock caves carved in the opposite south-west side and, after a short walk, ends back at the starting point.

The pathway was designed to have a reduced impact on the environment and its structures were built using local stone to integrate them smoothly into their surrondings.

The local stone was used in different ways: from traditional dry walls for the support structures to shaped slabs for the bridge over the Cavagliasco. The pathway exemplifies the multiple techniques that can now be adopted using stone as a building material.

10 new rock pots and wonderful shapes caused by erosion.


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