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Visit to the garden

Starting from the Cavaglia station of the Rhaetian Railway (1693 m above sea level) the Moti di Cavagliola glacial threshold, where the giants’ pots are located, can be reached in about ten minutes. The trail is well marked and the walk easy. During the ascent towards the pots, about three quarters of the way, a large erratic boulder sitting on a huge rock can be seen on the top left hand side : a testimony of the glacial period. After passing by the first groups of pots the trail leads to a panoramic viewpoint overlooking Valposchiavo and its surrounding mountains.

The Cavaglia gorge, located at the south-eastern end of the Cavaglia plain, is characterized by wonderful shapes caused by erosion.

A new pathway completed in July 2021 has allowed the gorge’s cavities, vortices, giants’ pots and waterfalls to become easily visible. Designed by the well- known Swiss civil engineer Jurg Conzett, the 180 m long pathway starts above the gorge and crosses it by means of steps and passageways, offering amazing views of the impressive effects of erosion.

The Garden is open from May to October

The Cavaglia Glacier Garden is a spectacular site available to local inhabitants and guests as well as to cultural operators and schools: a true center of attraction. Entry is free of charge but offers are of course welcome.

Guided visits

  • Guided visits last from 90 to 120 minutes depending on request.

  • Guided visits in Italian, German, French, English and Spanish can be arranged daily. These visits require advanced booking. The price is CHF 10 per person, the minimum amount to request a group visit is CHF 120.

  • On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays individuals or small groups can take advantage of a scheduled guided visit.

  • Starting from the Cavaglia railway station at 14.00 hrs. These visits do not require advance booking.


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