Valposchiavo is an oasis of mediterranean climate

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The natural and cultural landscape of Valposchiavo is contained within only 25 km : from the shining mountains of the Bernina range to the vineyards of neighbouring Valtellina, incorporating a beautiful natural scenery as well as historic towns, churches and buildings.

The main center of the valley is the town of Poschiavo. The patrician houses surrounding its piazza give the town a marked Italianate character.

The nature of Valposchiavo and its surrounding valleys, such as the protected area of Val Di Campo with its beautiful lakes, among which the cobalt blue lake Saoseo, is best discovered on foot. Imposing giants’ pots, a striking testimony of the last glacial era, can be admired in Cavaglia.

Experience history and culture in the picturesque streets of Poschiavo.


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