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Grummo, the friendly giant

Grummo is a character of the fantastic world of myths and legends of Valposchiavo. He is a friendly giant who lives in the Cavaglia Glacier Garden, where he looks after the secret of his great strength.

The Glacier Garden has created an illustrated booklet for children aged 5 to 12 that tells the fascinating story of Grummo. All the informative posters of the Garden contain clues that help to complete the booklet. Only this way the secret of Grummo’s great strength will be revealed.

After having collected all the stamps the completed booklet can be handed in at the Poschiavo Tourist Office. The children will then receive a surprise small gift.

And it’s not over! The discoverers of Grummo’s secret can then move to the Morteratsch glacier trail and look for Sabi, the glacier’s elf. In the illustrated booklet “The great dream of Sabi” the elf tells the children his story.

The children who complete the two booklets will receive the “Bernina Glacier Adventurer” certificate from Valposchiavo Tourism in Poschiavo. 


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